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How to Become a High Performer with this Shift in Consciousness

Podcast Interview: Join Jon and Ellen Violette on The Book Business Abundance Podcast to explore how to become a high performer with Conscious Human Performance. On This Episode: Improving performance Maximizing human potential Achieve better results and Energy...

Conscious Human Performance with Jon Christian

Podcast Interview: Join Jon and Mark Struczewski on The Mark Struczewski Podcast to explore Conscious Human Performance and what it take to overcome life challenges. On This Episode: 7 levels of consciousness, The power of self-awareness, Fight or flight response and...

Welcome to Mastering The Challenge where we explore high conscious human performance and what it takes to overcome life’s challenges.

How to Become a Best Selling Author with Ellen Violette

Episode Summary: On today's episode, Ellen Violette shares the challenges and her journey  to  becoming a #1 best selling author.  Ellen is a pioneer in publishing online and has helped many entrepreneurs do the same. This episode is for all of the aspiring authors in...

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