Episode Summary:

Today’s guest  Dr. Jacquie FazekasI started her own path to healing and recovery after sustaining injuries from a viral disease a child. She is now on a mission to help others live their best life.

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Show Notes:

  • Pivoting from corporate America to executive coach (:51)
  • Beyond the Service book (1:11)  
  • What are you most excited about currently (4:40)


About Jacquie Fazekas:

About Jacquie Fazekas:

 Jacquie Fazekas is an author, speaker, coach, and a consummate encourager. A former senior executive of four Fortune 500 Retailers – and a single mom of two boys – she has more than 30 years of leadership experience and understands the juggle of personal and professional life. She has had three near-death experiences, the last one being a seizure and cardiac arrest at 41 years old. Her experiences in life give her a unique perspective on life and leadership. As a Health Coach, she works with clients to get well, so they can lead well. In her new book, Beyond the Surface, she shares 80 reflections to help the reader heal, feel, and discover their true self. On her Podcast “You are an Overcomer” she shares her reflections on topics and those of other overcomers, as a way to giving learning, inspiration and hope to listeners. Her passion and mission is to help others fulfill their potential and purpose


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