Overcoming the Challenge of Stepping outside of yourself

with Shelia Heard

Episode Summary:

Today’s guest Shelia Heard with Victory Beyond Limits talks about overcoming the challenges of stepping outside of yourself to serve others during extreme personal circumstances.

Show Notes:

  • Putting it in God’s Hands (4:10)
  • I wish I could be you (11:11)  
  • Too much information (17:08)


About Shelia Heard:

Shelia Heard, a retired Army veteran and founder of the My Life. My Terms™ Movement, is notorious for refusing to give up on “Self” despite the circumstances.
That resilience saved Sheila after she retired from the military to care for daughter… after she overcame a neurological illness leaving her blind with no use of her arms and legs… after her son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia… after another son died, and her third son was charged with murder.

Shelia defies the odds vowing to never lose “Shelia”… To never lose “Self.” Her strength inspires you. You will feel power boiling up inside your gut, until it bursts open, freeing you from the control suffering and sorrow once had over you.

That’s because Sheila believes that while pain is unavoidable, suffering is a choice. She will invite you to choose freedom, to choose happiness, to choose life…on your own terms.


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