Episode Summary:

Today’s guest Christina Wallace is on a mission to help business leaders show up authentically while growing game-changing businesses. Christina has overcome the challenge of owning her identity in this pursuit and is excited to share her wisdom to help you do the same.

Show Notes:

  • I am the fixer (5:15)
  • Schools Systems Gap  (13:50)  
  • Identity Level Change Work (20:35)



About Christina Wallace:

 Christina Wallace is an award-winning educator, & CEO of EmpowerTeach, LLC. As a business strategist & consultant, she loves teaching leaders how to authentically build their client-base, their dream team, and scale easily to make their impact in the world. She has spent over 20 years serving leaders to be their best selves and make the impossible possible. She is part of an elite group of National Board Certified educational leaders and coaches. She’s the proud founder & Executive Director of EmpowersU, Inc, a nonprofit serving to improve education systems. She loves living in Brooklyn, NY with her 5-year old son and 12-year old Cairn Terrier.


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