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Life is an adventure meant to be impacted, conquered and lived.

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We provide Conscious Human Performance Programs using adventure challenges to evolve game-changing companies, small businesses, schools, and individuals by maximizing human potential so you can impact the world in bigger ways.

Welcome to “The Challenge

Every human on the planet has the power to change the world, so we have created The Challenge, a twelve-month program designed to help you overcome your biggest challenges so you can accelerate your life, career, organization, and your teams.

 Jon Christian : Founder of


Our programs are designed to help:

  • Increase individual and team performance
  • Engage employee potential and productivity
  • Exponentially grow your organization
  • Level up your leadership
  • Create a healthy workforce
  • Drive high-value employee connection

In addition to group adventure challenges and retreats in nature, your teams will access creative spirit, community, laughter, learning, and experience high consciousness human connection while creating a unified goal and vision.

Mastering The Challenge Podcast

Welcome to Mastering The Challenge where we explore high conscious human performance and what it takes to overcome life’s challenges. We’re your hosts, Jon Christian and Chad Weller.

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