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In this book, you'll find the keys to unlocking your potential and discover foundational skills learned from working with thousands of individuals and companies in countries around the world, including global icons, influential leaders, CEOs, high-level executives, and Navy Seals.


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What if we could change the course of our lives by simply being asked the right questions? Could those questions accelerate our life and the lives of future generations? In this book, you will find five challenges and the questions they did not ask you, the knowledge they did not teach you, and the journey they never set you on. You have here a story, a guide, and a book that will align your passion, purpose, and true desires.

 This book is a challenge to awaken to your higher purpose and a more successful future. If you accept this Challenge, what you will find are powerful ways to change your perspective, evaluate your life, and achieve things you once thought impossible. You will find the keys to unlimited reality and true happiness if you fully surrender to possibility. 

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About the author.

Jon Christian Jervert is an adventure enthusiast and human performance improvement (HPI) strategist, creator of The Challenge Method™, author of The 5 Challenges, a podcast host, and a keynote speaker. Jon is best known for pioneering his proven Conscious Human Performance™ methods focused on optimizing mental and physical performance resulting in increased focus, flow, and freedom in challenging environments. He’s spent the last decade working with thousands of individuals and companies in countries around the world including Global Icons, Influential Leaders, CEOs, Executives, Professional Athletes, and Navy Seals. In addition, he is a proud father, husband,  life long surfer, the president of Black Point Standard Consulting Group, and Founder of Zerkers. 

This book is dedicated to all the Underground Warrior ‘Zerkers’ who have come before and will come after. It is written for those seeking more in life and to family and friends who lifted me when I was down and joined me on this crazy journey to find passion and purpose.
Jon Christian

"By conquering your fear you cross over into doing what makes you feel alive and really good. When you do that you realize you are cultivating your awareness"

Brad Gerlach, Big Wave Surfing Legend and Founder of WavekKi

“Give a couple of these ideas a try...who knows they might just upgrade your life.”

Yanik Silver, creator of the Cosmic Journal and author of Evolved Enterprise

“Your ability to be comfortable in the discomfort and go towards that instead of running away is one of THE most transformative things you can do.”

Jennifer Russell & Bryan Franklin, World Leading Transformation Coaches

“You’ll need a helmet and diapers to follow this path. A helmet to break through walls, and a diaper to clean up your...”

Stephan Stavrakis, CEO, Perceptual Positioning

As far as the value of our time together, it was an 8-9… It’s hard to get a 10 out of someone like me. I really enjoyed our sessions and gained valuable insight. Here is a quote that is written on the wall inside the SEAL training compound where students PT it’s one of my favorites “The only easy day was yesterday”. I look forward to our next session.

Mike V., Navy Seal, Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG), commonly known as DEVGRU (DEVelopment GRoUp) or SEAL Team Six.

These challenges will push you to your limits, but you'll have a great time in the process. Zerkers is all about living life to the fullest. All are welcome. Just bring ur heart.


Bryon H, Vice President

Zerkers community and adventure challenges have created a positive impact on my life and have challenged me to pursue my passion and push my limits. Things I one thought were unattainable have become realities in my life. I am inspired and motivated to continue the journey to live life to the fullest. I now know anything is possible and I'm ready for any challenge life throws my way.


Jill V, Entreprenuer

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