Overcoming the challenge of building a community of coaches to help others live a fulfilled life

with Berit Langford

Episode Summary:

Today’s guest Berit Langford with Coachingandlife.com talks about overcoming the challenges of building a community of coaches to help others live a fulfilling life. Learn how to rally a group towards a common goal with pure passion and enthusiasm.

Show Notes:

  • Establishing life coaching and bringing coaches and clients together
  • Creating and collaborating with people we have never met  
  • Being willing to put in work during the initial community startup phase



About Berit Langford:

Head of Procurement and Global Category Manager specializing in Change management tools to support the company’s growth and strategy.  With over a decade of experience as a negotiator with great business acumen, Berit understands the importance of business innovation and maintaining good supplier relationships. She is an expert at collaboration colleagues, stakeholders, and suppliers to create high levels of customer satisfaction. Berit is currently most passionate about developing coaching tools to support and establish strong relationships and teamwork.


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