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Experience the highest level of conscious human performance on the planet
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Transform Your Life In Costa Rica for 5 Days

Imagine learning how to overcome your biggest challenges while traveling through Costa Rica, and experiencing new adventures.

Enjoy Five Days of Adventure & Personal Growth

We believe that personal growth is exponential when combined with evolved education and adventure challenge experiences so we’ve created a five-day immersive program designed for game-changing entrepreneurs and individuals looking to play a bigger game in the world.

Who We Are Looking For

You Are an Impact-Driven Leader or Entrepreneur


You are an awesome, open-minded individual

who is up to amazing things in the world.


You are prepared to challenge yourself
beyond your perceived limitations.


You are excited about the idea of impacting

the world with your unique  abilities.

How to Join Zerkers Challenge

Submit Application

If you qualify, schedule an appointment for an interview.

Hold Interview

Talk with a Zerkers Challenge team member to see if you’re a fit.

Team Review

Our team will review applications and determine who’s the best fit.

“The Challenge” is an exclusive invitation only event. 

Your first step to attending the Costa Rica Challenge is to schedule a selection interview call with one of our team members. 

Join us on this adventure from outer experiences to inner desire, clarity and growth!

Are you ready to take the leap?

You are about to become part of a larger mission to raise the consciousness of the planet. We call it conscious human performance and you know your soul has been leaning in this direction for some time now.

You are ready to take the next step. You are in the right place. 

What is Zerkers Challenge? 

Half Personal, Half Adventure Challenge, 100% Fun

 We’re committed to directly improving the well-being of humanity by increasing the consciousness of 100 game changing individuals each year who have the potential to impact 1000’s of lives.


Game Changers


This is an all-inclusive retreat starting at $4995. 

From the moment you land, we will be taking care of you to make sure that you have the BEST experience possible. You will spend the days learning, growing, and playing, while creating deep life-changing connections with the amazing people around you. At night you will spend your time in a beautiful villa, enjoy delicious gourmet meals, and high conscious human connection.

Day 1


Connect spiritually and feel alive and awakened inside and out.


Day 2


Learn how to build deeply fulfilling relationships in your life.


Day 3


Design a career or business that fully aligns with who I am.


Day 4


Develop habits to perform at optimal mental and physical levels.


Day 5

Fun and Rejuvenation 

Relax and enjoy your last day in Costa Rica exploring and connecting with your new found freinds


What You’ll Learn

Conscious Human Performance

Zerkers, Conscious Human Performance program focuses on awakening human potential in the areas of – Consciousness (Spiritual), Connection (Relationships), Contribution (Business & Career), Commitment (Health & Fitness) that will allow you to get the answer to the elusive questions:

  • How do I connect spiritually to feel alive and awakened?
  • How do I develop deeply fulfilling relationships?
  • How do I succeed at a career that fully aligns with who I am?
  • How do I perform at optimal mental and physical levels?

Zerkers CHP (Conscious Human Performance) program aims to transcend the limitations found in traditional Educational Systems, Corporate Training, Business Consulting, Life Coaching, One on One Mentoring, Group Masterminds and Breakthrough Coaching programs.

What’s Included When You Arrive

Five Days of Adventure and Personal Growth

  • Transportation to and from the airport 
  • ​4X4 Overlanding vehicle with roof-top shower 
  • Camping and cooking gear
  • ​Group prepared meals 
  • Group adventures daily with trips to beaches, mountains, waterfalls, the rainforest, and more
  • Conscious Human Performance workshops that include daily educational talks, and group exercises. This includes all facilitated training. 
  • 1 private hour-long coaching session

…and much more.

This is an adventure that unfolds the minute you arrive. The itinerary is fluid and flexible. Expect the unexpected and be ready for any challenge that arises.

Your Home for the Next Five Days

Wake and enjoy a healthy breakfast while preparing for a day of adventure and facilitated learning. In the afternoon, explore Costa Rica while particpate in unique adventure challenges.

Each night enjoy high conscious human connection before coming together for dinner in the dining area which overlooking Costa Rica’s beautiful ocean and mountain landscapes.

Your Challenge Facilitators

Our certified Challenge Facilitators have completed an intensive six month program to prepare to bring you through each physical and mental challenge you will face during your time with us.  There is no challenge they can not help you overcome. During Zerkers Challenge, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to connect with and learn from some of the most accomplished, brilliant and generous coaches on the planet. 

Jon Christian is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Learning Consultant, Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Customer Acquisition Specialist, Certified Top Producer Consultant Sales and Leadership Coach and the first "Conscious Human Performance Strategist" He specializes in teaching conscious human performance techniques, and strategies that game-changing companies and individuals can use to immediately increase performance, engagement, sales, leadership, health, and high-value connections.

An experienced coach, consultant, facilitator, and creator of high-impact coaching and training solutions, Jon has a passion for evolved educational experiences that impact human performance. His true enjoyment comes from helping others push and challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones, pursue their legacies, and tap into what makes them feel alive and awakened inside.

Jennifer Jean  has an MSW in Social Work, is a NASM certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition coach. With a focus on behavior modification, Jennifer works with clients to instill new habits, which lead to long term sustained quality of life, wellness, and happiness. As a member of our team, Jennifer supports clients in achieving optimal health and wellness.

As our VP, Jennifer oversees the daily operations of our company. She ensures that Zerkers client experiences are well-coordinated by overseeing procedures, logistics, and manages the quality of your experience.

Jennifer resides in New Jersey, has two amazing kids, and has been happily married to Jon for over 20 years. She has survived many Zerkers adventures over the years and has lived to tell the tails.

The Challenge is Unlike Any Retreat You’ve Ever Attended.

At Zerkers Challenge retreat you’ll experience Conscious Human Performance by participating in five unique adventure challenges which connect to the topics you’ll be learning during your time with us. The experiences you’ll have and your willingness to grow and challenge yourself will exponentially increase the results during your experience.

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The Challenge takes place in one of the most exciting and beautiful locations in Costa Rica, the Puntarenas Province, just a short plane ride from many major US cities. You’ll experience a tropical setting, adventures, beaches, mountains, and even a few monkeys.

Tucked away in the heart of Costa Rica, the magnificent natural beauty you’ll experience during your time with us provides the perfect space for the growth, connection, rejuvenation and play that you’d expect to find at the best retreats in the world.

At The Challenge, the days are made for Adventure. You’ll take part in unique challenge experiences we have planned for you, in addition to things like hiking, zip lining, water sports, and many more adventure activities. 

What’s a Typical Retreat Day Look Like?

You get to wake up in paradise, watch the sun rise, eat a healthy breakfast, participate in movement and mindfulness yoga, fitness, or meditation before we bring the group together to learn Conscious Human Performance strategies you’ll use to complete an afternoon group adventure challenge. Workshops are led by your Challenge Facilitators and Certified Conscious Human Performance Facilitators, that have participated in some of the world’s most challenging events or experts that are simply the ‘best-of-the-best’ in their fields.

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“The Challenge” is an exclusive invitation only event. 

Your first step to attending the Costa Rica Challenge is to schedule a selection interview call with one of our team members. 

Morning Movement

Meditation and Wellness

Chose to start your day with a healthy breakfast before enjoying a morning hike, yoga, meditation, or a high intensity workout with one of our health and fitness experts. a daily 2 hour evolved educational classroom 


Mid Morning/Afternoon

HCHP Training and Adventure

Take a deep dive into High Conscious Human Performance topics with your lead facilitators and challenge facilitators before heading out for a day of Adventure and unique team Challenges 



Evening Connection

Coaching and Debrief

Integrate what you learned during the day with Group Reflection. Build deeply fulfilling relationships by sharing and growing together. Enjoy a healthy dinner while watching the sun set on another beautiful day. 


High Conscious Human Performance Topics 

This program was designed specifically to introduce Conscious Human Performance™ and Evolved Education™ concepts to businesses and individuals that are struggling or have plateaued in their growth or are ready to make a shift to systemically and exponentially increase their fulfillment and income, by  connecting with who they truly are, their calling, and the value they bring to the world.

The concepts are derived from original work by Jon Christian and the study of concept made first available from Brad Gerlach, Yanik Silver, Jennifer Russell, Bryan Franklin, Bruce D Schneider, Stephan Stavrakis, Steven Kotler, and a number of world leading experts which have been refined by Jon from working with over 500 individuals and companies in different countries around the world. 

For many participants, this introduction is the first step in taking a leap of faith to pursue their dreams to create a life they love and a legacy for the world.

We believe that the information revealed in this High Conscious Human Performance™ and Evolved Education™ program not only will transform how you do life from day to day; it will also allow you to align yourself with your calling and to bring unprecedented value to the world.

This information is only presented by Zerkers & Training Certified CHP Trainers. Only a small number of highly trained leaders who have demonstrated excellence in human performance can present a program like this.

The experience of this training is unique to every individual. There is no right or wrong way— just your way. Feel free to explore all the possibilities while you are participating and write down all the questions that you need answered, so you can get the most out of your sessions. Above all, it’s mandatory to have a fun and challenge yourself! At Zerkers Challenge retreat you’ll experience High Conscious Human Performance by participating in five unique adventure challenges which connect to the topics you’ll be learning during your time with us. The experiences you’ll have and your willingness to grow and challenge yourself will exponentially increase the results during your experience.

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Program Overview

This experiential and transformational program is designed to support participants in developing advanced human performance techniques and abilities based on the unique principles and skills that encompass Zerkers proprietary Conscious Human Performance™ process. Zerkers is at the forefront of the human performance training profession. The CHP Training Program is offered at various locations nationwide. Zerkers CHP Certified Trainers are among the most highly skilled professionals in the world and are highly sought after for a variety of positions

Module I Consciousness


Experience the power of consciousness and gain practical knowledge about how to utilize its potential in many aspects of work and life. Evolve your consciousness and perform at optimal mental/physical levels. We’ve designed this program to not only teach you transformational skills that can be used with oneself and others, but also significantly advances personal and professional growth.

Module II: Connection


Module II builds upon everything you learned in the first module. The second module covers many of the interpersonal relationships we encounter inside of our lives and inside relationships. In this module you will learn about Conscious Human Connection™ skills and methodologies to create lifelong fulfillment and friendships by increasing your overall resonating energy levels.

Module III: Contribution

(Business & Career) 

Zerkers Conscious Contribution™ and Zerkers Conscious Corporation™ training gives you the opportunity to experience power of impacting the world and provides practical knowledge about how to utilize your potential and unique abilities in many aspects of work and life. To help you play a bigger game in the world, and perform at optimal mental/physical levels, we’ve designed this module not only to teach you business and career skills that can be used with oneself, but can also significantly impact the world’s biggest challenges.

Module IV: Commitment

(Health & Fitness)

Zerkers Health and Fitness Training gives you the opportunity to experience the power of physical wellbeing and provides practical knowledge about how to utilize your body’s potential in many aspects of work and life. To help you get in the best shape of their lives , and perform at optimal physical levels, we’ve designed this module to not only teach fitness and nutrition skills that can be used with oneself and others, but also significantly advances the way you are feeling and operating in the world.

Who Are Typical Members of Zerkers Community

Extraordinary Individuals on a Mission to Impact the World


Our community members are interviewed by the Zerkers team,

and hand-selected by peers for participation. Members are typically

leading professionals, coaches and thought-leaders who are committed

to directly improving the well-being of individuals and communities

around the world.

What Others Are Saying

We covered a lot of ground during our sessions and I was surprised and very happy with our coaching . As far as the value of our time together, it was an 8-9... It's hard to get a 10 out of someone like me. I really enjoyed the sessions and gained valuable insight. Here is a quote that is written on the wall inside the SEAL training compound where students PT it’s one of my favorites “The only easy day was yesterday”. I look forward to our next session.

Mike V., Retired Navy Seal

I think this experience has changed me. I just became so happy, positive, and I feel so great since the trip! Thank you so much for inviting me on this amazing trip!

Amanda K, Project Administrator

These challenges will push you to your limits, but you'll have a great time in the process. Jon’s all about living life to the fullest. All are welcome. Just bring ur heart.

Bryon H, Vice President

I cannot tell you how much weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and how powerful it feels to be reconnected with the deep feeling of why coaching is so attractive to me. I have been doing quite a bit of thinking and I'm really excited for our session.

Lauren T, Professional Health and Wellness Coach

As a partner on our Costa Rica Humanitarian Engineering trip/course, we found Zerkers to be reliable and well organized and their local expertise greatly improved the experience for the students and helped alleviate the logistical issues.

Aaron B, M.S., MET Coordinator – MSU, Denver

Gracias a todos por ayudarnos! Yard clean up, parking lot, chicken coop (monkey proof), compost bins and friends!

Pura Vida Church, Costa Rica 

Zerkers community and adventure challenges have created a positive impact on my life and have challenged me to pursue my passion and push my limits. Things I one thought were unattainable have become realities in my life. I am inspired and motivated to continue the journey to live life to the fullest. I now know anything is possible and I'm ready for any challenge life throws my way.

Jill V, Owner

Yes! I’m In…

We are a proud member of the 3% forward movement.

In case you have some questions around attending, we’ve put together some answers on how Zerkers Challenge works


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Zerkers Challenge?
Zerkers Challenge takes place in Jaco, Costa Rica Stay tuned for other Zerkers Challenge location!

Q. What are the dates? When do I come and go?
Zerkers Challenge dates to be announced. Zerkers Challenges typically kicks off on a Monday morning, so you will want to arrive that Sunday afternoon. The event goes through the following Thursday morning, so you will want to fly out on Thursday afternoon.

Q. How much does Zerkers Challenge cost?
Well, that depends on you! Early Bird tickets start at $4997 and will eventually go up to $5750 so we suggest you get in on the Early Bird Tickets. The housing and meal supplements are included in your ticket price, which means that Zerkers
Challenge includes everything from the time you land in Costa Rica on Friday until the time we drop you back off at the airport the following Friday.

Q. What are the accommodations like?
Staying in Costa Rica doesn’t mean roughing it. You’ll be staying in a comfortable, beautifully decorated private resort/villa. Think tropical luxury – air conditioning, private bathrooms and even housekeeping. Plus, the good news we never put more than 4 people per room!

Q. Can I pick my roommates?
Yes and no. We’ll do our best to match you up with your chosen roommate, but part of the fun is also meeting new people and making those connections. Of course, if you’re a couple we will keep you together! You can send roomie requests to hq@zerkers.com

Q. What kind of food will we be eating?
A great benefit of having a small, high end venue means having amazingly fresh and delicious meals prepared by the Chef and his team in the morning and afternoon. In the evenings we will be cooking dinner together as a group.

Q. What if I have dietary restrictions?
Have any special dietary needs/requests? No problem! Just email hq@zerkers.com

Q. What kind of drinks are included?

We’ll be drinking super healthy, think coconut water, smoothies, green shakes, etc. All your non-alcoholic drinks are included. We’ve also included a small budget for a few beers for those who enjoy a cold one.

Q. What should I bring and what should I wear?
You will be provided a complete packing checklist once you register for Zerkers Challenge.

Q. Can I bring electronics?
Yes, you can, but we bet you don’t use them. Nor should you! Being in the moment makes a huge difference so try leaving it all behind. Seriously. We dare you!

Q. Can I speak or present at Zerkers Challenge?
If you’re an attendee and have something you think would make for a good workshop, please just note that on your application or contact us after you sign up and we can discuss the possibilities.

Q. Am I too old for Zerkers Challenge?
No way! We’ve developed a challenge program that everyone can participate in…and there is truly something for everyone!

Q. What if I don’t want to participate in some of the day’s offerings?
We encourage everyone to push themselves out of their comfort zone during Zerkers Challenge. However, if there is something that you are absolutely terrified about participating in during the experience, we will not twist your arm and there is no pressure to participate. We just ask that you stick with the group and respectfully observe.

Q. Can I volunteer at Zerkers Challenge?
Thanks to our amazing team of coaches and their co-facilitators, we’re all set in the volunteer department. However, if you would like to get on the list for potential future volunteer opportunities please email hq@zerkers.com

Q. How much time is learning versus fun?
Each moment of Zerkers Challenge is filled with an abundance of learning and fun. We’ll be spending time in intense moments of learning and connecting as well as relaxation and fun. Remember you get to create a lot of your own experience. It’s totally up to you.

Q. How do I know If I am accepted?
Once you apply, our review committee will take a look at your application. You’ll typically get a response from us within 72 hours. At that point we will ask you to make your reservation or forfeit your spot to the next qualified applicant.

Q. Is my ticket transferable?
Nope. This is an invitation and by application only event, your ticket is non-transferable. However, in the case where unexpected circumstances arise, you can recommend a guest which will go through the same screening process that you went through to attend. If they are accepted, they may take your spot.

Q. What if I need to come in late or leave early?
Well, if you really need to – sure, but who wants to miss part of Zerkers Challenge!? If you do need to come in late, you’ll need to arrange for your own transportation from the airport and let us know about your travel plans after you sign up.

Q. Can I bring my kids? My dog?
Zerkers Challenge is currently an adult only event – that means all attendees must be at least 18 years of age. We love pets, but unfortunately, they’re gonna have to skip out on this one.

Q. What if I get my flights for CR and for some reason the retreat gets cancelled or rescheduled?
To prevent any financial losses incurred due to unexpected circumstances and events beyond our control we recommend purchasing travel insurance when reserving your flights through our travel logistics team who will be handling all airfare reservations.

Q. What if I need to unexpectedly cancel
If for any reason you cannot attend and need to cancel prior to 90 days, we will refund your registration minus any expenses incurred as a result of your cancelation. Generally, within 90 days of the trip there are no expenses incurred. In the case that you cancel 60-30 days out we reserve the right to refund your registration minus expenses incurred (i.e. non-refundable deposits for logistics planning, event insurance, accommodations, adventure experiences, and supplies. Your trip insurance may cover these expenses.




A Truly Amazing Experience 

“Zerkers is an intersection between adventure challenges and serving individuals and communities around the world. I’m truly grateful for the amazing people and team members that continue to support this mission.”

– Jon Christian

Founder of Zerkers




“The Challenge” is an exclusive invitation only event. 

Your first step to attending the Costa Rica Challenge is to schedule a selection interview call with one of our team members. 

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