Underground Warriors

Join a tribe that believes life is an adventure meant to be impacted, conquered and lived.

Underground Warriors is an exclusive invitation only group. 

Inside of Zekers Underground Warriors Group, you’ll  learn strategies around  Conscious Human Performance and explore what it takes to overcome life’s challenges. We’ll also be answering questions, interacting, and learning how we can best support you.

What You’ll Gain Access by Joining Us:

The Underground Warriors Group is a live focused group call. You and a community of people committed to evolving the way they overcome challenges will come together on a monthly 1-hour group call where you’ll have an opportunity to create more fun, more adventure, and more success in your life.  Imagine learning how to perform at your highest potential during these live facilitated group calls.

During these group calls, there will be 2-4 hot seats where you’ll receive invaluable guidance and feedback from group members. It is an opportunity to participate in a one of a kind program that our 1:1 private clients pay 4-figures for each month for a fraction of the price.

This is for you if you’ve decided to up-level the game you’re playing in the world which will impact the quality of life you are living. If you are an adventurous impact-driven individual this is for you.

Who Are Typical Members of Zerkers Community

Extraordinary Individuals on a Mission to Impact the World


Our community members are interviewed by the Zerkers team,

and hand-selected by peers for participation. Members are typically

leading professionals, coaches and thought-leaders who are committed

to directly improving the well-being of individuals and communities

around the world.

What You’ll Learn

Conscious Human Performance

Zerkers, Conscious Human Performance program focuses on awakening human potential in the areas of – Consciousness (Spiritual), Connection (Relationships), Contribution (Business & Career), Commitment (Health & Fitness) that will allow you to get the answer to the elusive questions:

  • How do I connect spiritually to feel alive and awakened?
  • How do I develop deep fulfilling relationships?
  • How do I succeed at a career fully aligned with who I am?
  • How do I perform at optimal mental and physical levels?

Zerkers HCHP (Conscious Human Performance) program aims to transcend the limitations found in traditional Educational Systems, Corporate Training, Business Consulting, Life Coaching, One on One Mentoring, Group Masterminds and Breakthrough Coaching programs.

What’s Included

Live Q&A Coaching Group

  • Participate in a community of impact-driven individuals who will support each other to overcome life’s challenges.
  • ​Direct access to our 1-hour monthly group call with live Q&A
  • Get laser-guided 1:on:1 support, frameworks, practices, and exercises on how to increase your quality of life.
  • Learn from real people who live a high conscious life. See behind the scenes and learn how we handle our relationships, business and careers, health, money, and spiritual connection.
  • ​Gain Access to our Private Facebook Community: This is our INVITATION ONLY private Facebook group.
  • ​FREE Access to all future & past Zerkers Challenges, e-Books, and recorded group calls.
  • ​Receive priority access and discounts on upcoming exclusive private events, masterminds, and exotic retreats.
  • ​…and much more

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