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The Conscious Human Performance Assessment is an exclusive assessment designed to awaken your potential. 

Learn  how to evolve five primary areas of your life and leverage the conscious human performance model to increase your spiritual connection, develop deep fulfilling relationships, align your career or business, and increase your wellbeing.

What You’ll Gain From This Assessment:

We’ve identified 70 key factors and steps that will help you increase your performance, engagement, flow, contribution, and your overall energy and wellbeing, so you can: Attract new opportunities, optimize daily performance, create deep fulfilling relationships, reduce illness and increase mental and physical performance so that you can focus on global impact and growth

Jon Christian, a Management and Learning Consultant, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), and the first “Conscious Human Performance Specialist” developed the Conscious Human Performance model in 2015.

It is a model of both conscious evolution and human performance which helps us understand and awakening human potential in the areas of – Consciousness (Spiritual Fulfillment), Connection (Relationships), Contribution (Career & Business), Commitment (Health & Fitness), and the experiential X Factor multiplier of Adventure (Life Experiences)

The model looks at five primary areas on one’s life, providing a framework to optimize human performance and consciousness which leads to increased fulfillment in life.

How To Use The Conscious Human Performance Model 

The five core pillars of the CHP model help us to understand how to connect spiritually to feel alive and awakened, develop deep and fulfilling relationships, succeed at a career or business fully aligned with who we are, and perform at optimal mental and physical levels.

Our consciousness levels, relationships, contribution, physical wellbeing and life experiences all drive our performance and fulfillment in life. These are the primary drivers of this model.

The CHP model moves in an outward expansive direction that shifts from lower levels of consciousness and performance to optimal levels of human performance.

This assessment is for you if you’ve decided to up-level the game you’re playing in the world which will impact the quality of life you are living. 

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